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Is Your Building Green, Smart, Intelligent, and Well?

Facility leaders, human resources directors, information technology departments, building owners, and executive management are putting more emphasis on their workplace environment than ever before. Though beautiful architecture, energy-efficiency, and other priorities are not new, the convergence of the four strategic areas of building and workplace design is happening across the industry and within the walls...  Read More

Steps to Take to Upgrade to LED Lighting

There are many reasons to upgrade to LED lighting. It is important for facility managers to evaluate why they need to upgrade and get their data to streamline approvals and apply for available incentive programs. In today’s lighting market, the options may seem overwhelming and determining your facility’s needs and return on investment will help...  Read More

What Owners & Architects Don’t Know About Intelligent Buildings

The promise of what an intelligent building can deliver for a building owner and its occupants are inspiring. Given the rise of investments in Internet of Things (IoT) solutions, the design community faces challenges to deliver next-generation facilities that are capable of analyzing and optimizing building performance based on real-time data. Deloitte’s recent study suggests...  Read More

AWS Outage Reminds Us That Cloud Does Not = 100% Uptime

Businesses choose to migrate their data center systems to the cloud for improvements in reliability and scalability.  Whether it is a fair perception or not, many customers associate the cloud with 100% uptime and have the belief that the significant (and highly visible) data center investments by cloud giants like amazon, Microsoft, and Google will...  Read More

Snap’s IPO is Coming (And So Are More Data Centers)

Snap, the parent company of Snapchat, is set to go public in early March. In addition to the hopes that Snap will revive a slow tech IPO scene, Snap’s public market cap of $19.5 billion – $22.2 billion will have an impact on another industry: data centers. According to the information in their IPO filing,...  Read More

Early 2017 Data Center To-Do List

Enterprise data centers in 2017 are faced with mounting external pressure.  The staggering investment in cloud computing from organizations like Amazon, Google, and Microsoft seem to indicate that on-premise data center and computing resources are a thing of the past.  However, when evaluating your own data center priorities for 2017 it is important to look...  Read More

New ASHRAE 90.4 Data Center Standard – What You Need to Know

The American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) has published their standard 90.4, which establishes the minimum energy efficiency requirements for data centers. The Standard 90.4-2016, the Energy Standard for Data Centers, has been in process for several years with high-profile rounds of public comments from the data center industry.  The final standard includes recommendations...  Read More

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