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Dartmouth College Case Study on Preparing Their Network Infrastructure for IoT

We are excited to release a new case study on the work we did for our customer Dartmouth College to help them prepare for their network infrastructure for the Internet of Things (IoT) and smart building technologies.

As the facility and technology leaders at the College started to learn more about and implement new building, lighting, and information technologies, they quickly surmised that IoT and other emerging technologies would have a direct impact on their network infrastructure. There are over 200 buildings on the 269-acre campus and they vary in age from the Wentworth and Thorton Halls built in the 1820’s to ongoing new building construction. They quickly recognized the demands on their network for reliable connectivity and smart building technologies were consistent across all stakeholder groups and they needed a more strategic plan.

Read the full case study online here where you have the option to download it to share with others.