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Announcing New LEDG White Paper for Higher Education Leaders on IoT, Network Infrastructure

We have been doing some exciting work in the higher education industry helping colleges prepare for smart building technologies and getting their campus-wide network infrastructure in order. Our new white paper outlines areas to consider as higher education organizations continue their journey to connecting and integrating their facilities. According to a joint report1 by the...  Read More

Reduce the global electricity demand for lighting by 30-40%

A new report released in September by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) which provides insights on energy efficient lighting and the impact they can have on the reduction of global carbon emissions and energy use. The report – Accelerating the Global Adoption of Energy-Efficient Lighting –was developed in a holistic process with participation from over 20 international...  Read More

Puerto Rico Relief Efforts Remind Us that Network is the 4th Utility

Although news cycles are focused less and less on the ongoing Hurricane Irma and Maria relief efforts, the long process of rebuilding critical infrastructure is underway in Puerto Rico. The destruction from the Hurricanes left the island residents in need of the humanitarian aid you would expect: food, shelter, water, and first aid. However, providing...  Read More

The Real Promise of IoT for Building Design and Operations

We had the opportunity this month to sit down with Manny Linhares, Director of Strategy – IoT, at Legrand North America for our #LEDGTalks video podcast series. Manny shared his insights on the real promise of the Internet of Things (IoT) and its impact on building design and operations. Our discussion covered important considerations for...  Read More

Liquid Cooling May Be Your Next Major Data Center Upgrade

Recently LEDG Founder and Principal, Todd Boucher, was featured in an article Hewlett Packard’s enterprise.nxt that provides insights and resources to help IT pros shape the future of business. Andy Patrizio, the contributing writer, dug into all the aspects of liquid cooling and why all data center leaders will be using it in five years –...  Read More

Electromagnetic Pulse & Data Centers – What You Need to Know

In September, state news agencies from North Korea explicitly stated that the country could hit the United States with an Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) attack.  Since the announcement, people have been struggling to understand the possibilities of an EMP attack and its level of risk. An Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) is “an instantaneous, intense energy field that...  Read More

IoT Projects are Failing – Here’s How to Make Sure Yours Doesn’t

The Internet of Things (IoT), defined broadly as “a network of everyday items with embedded computers that can connect directly or indirectly to the internet,” promises to rapidly change the landscape of how we design and operate our buildings.  Successful integration of the IoT can aid in the creation of an intelligent building – one...  Read More

The End of Direct Economization in Data Centers?

A few years ago, direct air economization quickly became the trend in data center cooling design.  The shift coincided with the expansion of the ASHRAE TC9.9 operating envelope for data centers, which widened the acceptable dry bulb temperature range for server inlets up to 80.6°F.  Companies like Facebook, Google, and a number of large wholesale...  Read More

How IoT is Impacting Networks in Higher Education and the Student Experience

Thanks for reading the LEDG blog series for Higher Education Network, Information Technology, and Facility leaders on IoT and Network Infrastructure Master Planning. The demands are increasing and we hope we can help sort through the hype and the realities of what it takes to change your campus buildings to intelligent facilities. As we mentioned...  Read More