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The Rise and Fall of Utility Company Energy Incentives, Part IV

So here’s what is happening in the market place. The vendors are all on a major campaign with end users (primarily industrial concerns) to practically give these T5 & T8 systems away since they know that it won’t be long until the LED lighting solution dominates the market… and the rebates for these fluorescent lighting...  Read More

Tech Vault Data Center Seeks LEED Gold Designation

South Burlington, VT – June 7, 2010 – Leading Edge Design Group, a leading provider of Energy Optimization Services, announced today that they will help Tech Vault Inc pursue a LEED Gold Certification for their new next generation Data Center and Colocation facility in South Burlington, VT.  This achievement would make Tech Vault the first...  Read More

Abracadabra: Integration Magic

The Pledge: An IP camera surveillance system and a card access solution. Two completely independent systems. One assists covering the details you missed while you weren’t watching and the other guards access physical entry into or around your facility. Most of the setups I’ve come across traditionally stand alone, are separately managed and a link...  Read More

Industry Prospectus – Remarks from the Uptime Institute Symposium

I had the good fortune of attending the Uptime Institute Symposium in New York City a couple weeks ago and found the expertise, knowledge exchange, and call for industry collaboration to be really remarkable (along with the way in which the Institute representatives upheld the schedule by vociferously terminating sessions the second they extended past...  Read More

Changing How We Talk About Energy

An interesting phenomenon has begun to happen when we discuss energy efficiency in meetings and seminars.  The topic has become so commonplace that our clients start to get that glazed over look implying, “I’ve heard it all before.”  This is an unfortunate byproduct of the hype and marketing that many companies currently employ to sell...  Read More

Leading Edge Design Group Earns Two Large Data Center Efficiency Rebates

Enfield, NH – May 15, 2010 – Leading Edge Design Group, a leading provider of energy optimization services, announced today that they have earned two substantial initial data center energy rebate offers for their customers.  Both offers apply to new construction projects on data centers currently being implemented. The offers of $85,000 and $60,000, respectively,...  Read More

A New Look at Value Added Engineering

I see it happening all too often on majority of the projects I’ve been involved with, Value Added Engineering (VAE).  The concept of VAE as a whole is fine with me, but the concept that needs to be addressed is the “Hey let’s take a look at this project as whole, and find areas where...  Read More

The Rise and Fall of Utility Company Energy Incentives, Part III

For anyone who is even remotely involved in the energy related world, LED lighting has to be gaining traction in your conversations daily. About a year ago the LED lighting world was literally like the Wild, Wild West, with every manufacturer of LED lighting scrambling to get LED products on the market as it became...  Read More

The Rise and Fall of Utility Company Energy Incentives Part II

Well the 80s were the glory days of energy initiative programs, and as is typical for all large programs that are governed by political machines they became more complicated and cumbersome. The ability to stay ahead or simply keep up with the technology becomes impossible. And this brings us to where we are today in...  Read More