2018 Cloud Survey Results - It's a Mixed Bag!

LEDG conducted a survey to find out where our customers are with cloud migration. The results are a mixed bag but one thing is for sure, organizations are still working on optimizing their cloud infrastructure, costs, vendors, and applications. As we work with our customers on 2019 technology infrastructure planning, data centers, edge, and cloud computing are definitely top of mind for just about everyone. With so many options to choose from and rising costs and confusing solutions, 2019 is going to be an interesting year for our industry.

If you currently have some or all of your applications in the cloud, which are they?

If you have applications on-premise, which are they?

What cloud provider are you using?

Some interesting comments include:

“There is still much uncertainty and confusing information about the cloud. Cost benefits seem to be elusive too.”
“We have bandwidth limitations that have slowed our migration to the cloud.”

“We have about 160 SaaS applications hosted by various vendors.” Wow! 

We are looking forward to doing this survey a year from now to see how things have progressed!