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Associated Grocers of New England — Phase II

Takes Energy Saving Lighting Plan to the Next Level – Replaces 792 Five-Year-Old 6-Lamp T5 HO Fixtures With State-of-the-Art LED

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No longer does the facilities team at Associated Grocers of New England (AGNE) have to worry about servicing 4752 T5 lamps and 1584 ballasts hanging 35 feet in the air. They have been replaced with close to 500 LED fixtures that report their activity levels, kWh usage and physical well-being every 15 minutes. Leading Edge Design Group has helped AGNE move into 21st century lighting – saving them energy and maintenance costs while substantially improving their bottom line.



“The additional implementation of LED lighting and wireless controls will decrease AGNE’s energy costs by over $221,000 a year, save approximately 1.85 million kWh of energy annually, and reduce consumption by 85%. The overall LED lighting upgrade will drastically decrease maintenance costs and reduce their annual carbon footprint by 2.53 million pounds.”