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James W. Campion Ice Rink

James W. Campion Ice Skating Rink Installs LED Lighting to
Reduce Energy Costs and Improves Player and Fan Experience

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The James W. Campion Ice Skating Rink provides thousands of hours of ice time for youth hockey, figure skating, high school hockey and adult recreational skating in Lebanon, NH. The Rink serves as home ice for both the Hanover and Lebanon High School men and women’s hockey teams. The Campion Rink was established in 1988 through the hard work and generosity of a large group of Hanover, Lebanon, and Upper Valley citizens. Less than two miles from Dartmouth College, the initial motivation for the project was the demolition of the Davis Rink at the college that had provided recreational skating opportunities to local skaters for decades. The Hanover Improvement Society was a major contributor to the project and enthusiastically agreed to operate the facility.

The Campion Rink facility manager had challenges finding parts for their aging T5 fluorescent lighting system. The company that built the fixtures for their facility, and for many other ice skating rinks in the Northeast, is no longer in business. It was time to nd a solution that would decrease their energy use, improve the lighting output, and qualify for utility incentives to lower costs.


Leading Edge Design Group (LEDG) was retained to nd a solution that would work with the Campion Rink’s current lighting infrastructure. LEDG recommended using a hexagon shaped fixture that improved the distribution of light and increases the light levels with 60% of the power. Lighting controls were installed to allow the facility manager to set light levels for different types of events and to dim lights when needed to enhance game time activities and figure skating performances.

LED lighting has been playing a significant role in improving the hockey experience for players and fans. The bene ts of LED lighting pushed NHL and AHL owners and manager to invest in systems and now many colleges, private schools, and community rinks have followed. The shadows are gone, it is easier to track the puck, and the added lighting controls provide rink owners the opportunity to use their facility for other activities.

Through a 48-month electricity supply contract under Constellation’s Efficiency Made Easy (EME) program, the Campion Rink implemented energy-efficient LED lighting and control with no upfront costs. The project was made possible through the savings the Campion Rink will achieve with these upgrades over the next four years saving capital expenditures for other needed facility improvements.


  • Energy savings of 37,514 kWhs annually
  • Reduced annual carbon footprint by 51,413 pounds
  • Energy usage reduction due to reduced cooling demand in the rink area with the lower wattage fixtures
  • Reduced maintenance with long lasting LED technology
  • Control system allows growth to control future technologies