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Dartmouth Boss Tennis Facility

Dartmouth College Upgrades to LED Lighting and Integrated Lighting Controls
Reduces Energy Consumption by 67% Annually


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Dartmouth College was looking to restore the luster of its Alexis Boss Tennis Facility. Due to inconsistency of light levels on the court and high operational costs, Dartmouth needed to identify a solution that would not only reduce operational and maintenance costs but would make the facility brighter and more energy efficient. Their decision was to install high-output, LED lighting technology and integrated wireless controls.

LED Lighting, Integrated Wireless Controls

LED Lighting and Integrated Lighting Controls

“The difference between the old indoor tennis “globes” and the new LED fixtures is night and day, literally. The old fixtures and bulbs were dull yellowish, but the new fixtures are brilliant and clear. The instant on/instant off controls make for easy operation. When the lights are not needed, just turn them off. When they are needed again, just turn them on. What could be more simple.”

—David B. Jones, II Dartmouth College Athletics