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Dartmouth Leverone Field House

Intelligent LEDs Solve Lighting Challenges at Dartmouth College
Reduces Energy Use by 75%

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Dartmouth’s Leverone Field House is a complex, multi-dimensional space requiring a lighting solution that could enhance the facility’s ability to support its unique users and events. Leading Edge Design Group implemented a solution that reduced lighting-related energy use by 75%; achieved NCAA-recommended light levels for officially sanctioned sporting events; eliminated maintenance costs associated with frequent re-lamping and re-ballasting and facilitated the submission and approval for utility incentives totaling 35% of the total project cost.

LED Lighting Upgrade - Dartmouth's Leverone Field House

Leverone Field House LED Lighting

“Through its comprehensive approach, the intelligent LED lighting system greatly simplified our transition to energy-efficient lighting. In the process, we gained an easily managed lighting system with the flexibility to meet the needs of our athletes and staff, and that reflects well on the college. A project’s success can be defined on many levels — energy savings, ease of installation and support, light quality, suitability to purpose, and maintenance — and on all fronts, Leading Edge Design Group and Digital Lumens met our expectations.”  

-Steve Shadford, Energy Manager, Dartmouth College