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Dartmouth College DCIM

DCIM Solution Lets Data-Rich Secondary Institution Be More Customer-Focused

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The Dartmouth IT team was looking for a DCIM solution that would provide better visibility into the operations of the facility to ensure they were fulfilling their uptime commitments to their customers on their critical systems. The challenge was that Dartmouth has a heterogeneous infrastructure with different manufacturers for rack, cooling units, UPS systems, and more. Finding a way to gather relevant data and provide visibility into all of these systems under one platform was challenging but critical to a successful solution. Leading Edge Design Group designed a customized DCIM solution that integrated all of the heterogeneous systems in Dartmouth’s data center under one platform.

DCIM Implementation at Dartmouth College

DCIM Solution Dashboard - dartmouth2

“…a customized DCIM solution provides Dartmouth’s IT team with real-time visibility into all of their critical data center infrastructures. By proactively monitoring and alerting on changes in these critical systems, Dartmouth can more effectively manage their data center, reduce risk of downtime, and maintain their uptime commitments to internal and external customers.”