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J.Jill State-of-the-Art Contact and Distribution Center Installs
LED Outdoor Lighting and Estimates Energy Savings at 127,000 kWh

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The J.Jill contact and distribution center is home to over 1,000 employees and needed to upgrade their outdoor lighting due to maintenance and end-of-life product issues. J.Jill facility manager, Claude Rochette, also wanted to reduce energy costs and take a vendor-neutral approach to evaluating replacements for the HID 400W parking lot and roadway lighting and exterior wall packs. Claude partnered with LEDG to nd the best solution for his busy center in the New Hampshire Lakes Region. It was determined that the lighting fixtures and poles were in good locations and did not need to be moved or adjusted which enabled the team to focus on solutions with the most energy and cost savings. Improvements in light output would be achieved with the upgrade to LED technology.





LEDG recommended a new industry solution that provides a custom LED retro t for J. Jill’s current HID fixtures. The solution is easy-to-install and includes a motion sensor to further lower power consumption. The LEDG recommended solution is estimated to save J.Jill 127,000 kWh of energy and reduce long-term maintenance costs with an expected service life of 100,000 hours.