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Manchester-Boston Regional Airport

LED Lighting and Control Systems Save 6.5 Million kWh of Energy

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Manchester-Boston Regional Airport LED Lighting & Control Systems

The Manchester-Boston Regional Airport (MBRA) began to upgrade campus lighting in 2009 due to increases in maintenance costs, decreases in energy-efficiency, and inconsistent lighting output throughout. Enhanced lighting also aligned with their long-term strategy to continue as a premier New England regional airport serving business and leisure travelers.

For MBRA’s first project, LEDG installed a custom LED inside of eighty existing metal halide fixtures and added lighting sensors in the recognizable Helix area of the parking garage. The project proved to be such an overwhelming success that John Adams, MRBA facility manager, invited LEDG to investigate lighting upgrades in the main terminal area of the airport. LEDG recommended MBRA take a systematic approach to tackling the multiple opportunities for energy and maintenance cost savings in lighting and control systems for the entire airport campus.

LEDG worked with Eversource to provide financial support through the SmartStart program that gives municipal customers the opportunity to install energy saving measures with no upfront costs. Payment for services and products are made over time with the savings obtained from the municipality’s lower energy costs.

By mid-2016, MBRA has completed seven lighting upgrades and implemented new lighting technologies resulting in 6.5 million kWh saved while significantly lowering maintenance, operations, and energy costs. In addition to the parking garage Helix, projects include the passenger terminal, airport roadway, parking lot C, baggage claim C, outside downlighting, and the tugway where airplanes are directed into the terminal area. Eversource has provided over $200,000 in energy-efficiency incentives.

The LED lighting systems also provide a far superior quality and consistency of light throughout the airport and reduces the heat load and subsequent impact on other building systems. For the second half of 2016, LEDG continues to assist MBRA with their lighting upgrades that include baggage claim A, security checkpoint A, main terminal downlights, and the implementation of lighting gateways to connect all campus lighting to one controllable interface and management system. These projects are estimated to save an additional 179,000 kWh of energy annually.