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Worthen Industries

Worthen Industries Implements a Customizable LED Lighting to Improve Light Output and Productivity and Reduce Energy Costs at a New Hampshire Manufacturing Facility

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Worthen Industries is a 150-year-old global manufacturer of high-quality adhesives, coatings, extruded films, and laminated solutions. The organization began in Lowell, Massachusetts as the Union Paste Company (UPACO) with a single adhesive product known as “Chase’s Prepared Paste.” Today, headquartered in Nashua, New Hampshire and still family owned and operated, Worthen Industries produces over 1200 products. The Nashua facilities team was in need of a better lighting design and improved lighting output for a 27,000 square foot manufacturing area. The legacy fluorescent system consisted of 8 foot T12 and T8 high-output fixtures in continuous, same-height rows. This general lighting system also did not effectively illuminate the manufacturing work cells or allow the facilities manager to customize light levels needed for specific tasks. Today’s industry research finds that lighting and eye strain can have a direct impact on productivity and employee wellness. The team also wanted to improve energy efficiency and lower energy and maintenance costs.




Leading Edge Design Group (LEDG) created a new lighting design for Worthen Industries that included solutions for general lighting and employee work cell lighting for specific tasks on the manufacturing floor. Worthen was also interested in taking advantage of utility incentives and an EPAct tax deduction. LEDG designed and recommended a new lighting solution that would optimize both.

Worthen Industries installed LEDG’s recommended LED lighting solutions that include programmable occupancy sensors to control light output by process, station, and work cell and occupancy sensors to monitor and change light levels when the people leave the floor. The solution provides work cell task tuning that ranges from 25 foot to 100-foot candles using 4 foot and 8 foot linear LED fixtures. The new LED lighting design and products provide a higher quality of delivered light to target areas and improved light levels across the entire 27,000 manufacturing area.

The LEDG recommended solution provides the Worthen Industries the following immediate and long-term benefits:

  • Over 70% reduction in kWh and associated energy costs
  • A 100% increase in work cell light levels
  • Estimated zero maintenance for over 15 years

LEDG assisted Worthen to secure a utility incentive as well as an Energy Policy Act (EPAct) tax deduction to further improve return on investment. Originally passed in 2005, the EPAct provides building owners a sizeable tax deduction of up to $1.80 per square foot for energy improvements to their facility.