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Video & Other Media

  • Back to School: Campus Network Infrastructure

    John Tabb & Todd Boucher

    Session Breakouts

  • The Internet of Things & The Future of Wireless Control Systems

    Paul Hussey, CEO, Harvard Technology

    Session Breakouts

  • Critical Facilities Summit 2016 – Presentation

    Big Thinking for Smaller Data Centers
    with Todd Boucher, LEDG


  • The Future of Lighting

    Dr. Robert Karlicek, Director
    Smart Lighting Engineering Research Center Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

    Session Breakouts

  • High-Performance Research Computing

    Dr. James Cuff
    Assistance Dean, Research Computing
    Harvard University

    Session Breakouts

  • Working with Intelligent Lighting

    Brian Chemel
    Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer
    Digital Lumens

    Session Breakouts

  • Data Center Insights

    Ron Vokoun
    Director Mission Critical Design
    RK Mechanical

    Session Breakouts

  • The Modern CIO

    Ryan Fay
    ACI Speciality Benefits

    Session Breakouts

  • Intelligent Buildings

    Bob Allan
    Global Business Development
    Siemon Company

    Session Breakouts