Interviews with Experts on Important Industry Issues and Innovations

We are constantly researching new ideas and technologies on data center and intelligent buildings in order to better understand how these critical infrastructures and the new technologies can help our customers. We work hard to share these findings with you and to be a valuable resource for those looking to plan, design, and implement critical infrastructure and modern facilities. If you are interested in participating in #LEDGTalks, contact us. We would love to hear from you!

Serving the Public Through New Technology

James Collins
Chief Information Officer
State of Delaware

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Planning, Building and Deploying Intelligent Buildings: What to Consider

Bob Allan
Global Business Development Manager
The Siemon Company

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The Current State of the European Data Center Market

Garry Connolly
President & Founder of Host in Ireland

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Impact Of IoT On Building Designs & Operations

Manny Linheras, DCEP
Director of Strategy – IoT Legrand North America

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Back To School: Campus Network Infrastructure

John Tabb & Todd Boucher

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The Internet Of Things & The Future Of Wireless Control Systems

Paul Hussey, CEO, Harvard Technology

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Critical Facilities Summit 2016 – Presentation

Big Thinking for Smaller Data Centers
with Todd Boucher, LEDG


The Future Of Lighting

Dr. Robert Karlicek, Director
Smart Lighting Engineering Research Center Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

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High-Performance Research Computing

Dr. James Cuff
Assistance Dean, Research Computing
Harvard University

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Working With Intelligent Lighting

Brian Chemel
Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer
Digital Lumens

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Data Center Insights

Ron Vokoun
Director Mission Critical Design
RK Mechanical

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The Modern CIO

Ryan Fay
ACI Speciality Benefits

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Intelligent Buildings

Bob Allan
Global Business Development
Siemon Company

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