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Optimizing Placements of Computing Workloads Between Public Cloud, On-Premise, and the Edge

By Todd Boucher | May 8, 2019

LEDG is pleased to announce a new guide created to help information technology, network, and facility leaders evaluate current trends and incorporate meaningful, high-impact changes to their data centers and built environments. Today, 90% of enterprise-generated data is processed through traditional or cloud data centers. By 2025, Gartner predicts that only 25% of enterprise-generated data […]

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The Future of the Data Center & Intelligent Placement of Workloads

By Todd Boucher | Apr 12, 2019

Conferences tend to focus on macroeconomic trends in an industry, but that identification of key issues can sometimes leave users with the belief that wholesale commitment to a strategy or current trend is critical to their success.  As an industry, we have seen this with several recent trends that have dominated conference agendas (see: energy […]

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What is LEDG up too? Working on smarter, brighter buildings in healthcare

By Todd Boucher | Apr 11, 2019

It’s already April, and the LEDG team has been busy partnering with healthcare facilities leaders to improve their buildings through the implementation of LED lighting and control systems. Many are working to pave the way for intelligent building design. According to a 2017 article in Building Design & Construction, light plays a vital role in […]

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Dartmouth-Hitchcock Creates a New Data Center Built for the Future of Healthcare

By Todd Boucher | Mar 22, 2019

We are so grateful to be part of this innovative project at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center (D-H). For those in healthcare and greater New England, you know that D-H has been busy building affiliations across the region and the base of users and applications in the data center continues to expand.  The Dartmouth-Hitchcock system annually supports […]

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Changing User Demands and Edge Computing Requirements – A Learning Event at Pennovation Tuesday, March 19

By Todd Boucher | Feb 12, 2019

Join Schneider Electric and Leading Edge Design Group for a half-day educational event on optimizing on-premise data centers in the era of changing user demands and hybrid cloud environments. Localized high-performance computing requirements, Internet of Things technologies, and immersive experiences across devices are driving leaders to evaluate their infrastructure and edge computing strategy. This session […]

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What is the 4th Industrial Revolution?

By Todd Boucher | Nov 30, 2018

We are now in the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) and it is estimated to have 10 times the impact of the 3rd Industrial or Internet Revolution. Can you imagine? The Fourth Industrial Revolution is marked by the advancements of 5G wireless networks, artificial intelligence, robotics, the Internet of Things (IoT), nanotechnology, and more and blurs the […]

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2018 Cloud Survey Results – It’s a Mixed Bag!

By Todd Boucher | Nov 13, 2018

LEDG conducted a survey to find out where our customers are with cloud migration. The results are a mixed bag but one thing is for sure, organizations are still working on optimizing their cloud infrastructure, costs, vendors, and applications. As we work with our customers on 2019 technology infrastructure planning, data centers, edge, and cloud […]

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Department of Veterans Affairs Boston Healthcare System identify facility vulnerabilities and prioritize capital improvements.

By Todd Boucher | Oct 2, 2018

Check out the Military Engineer September 2018 article on the work we helped with at the Department of Veterans Affairs Boston Healthcare System.

A comprehensive risk mitigation study across its three major medical campuses helped the Department of Veterans Affairs Boston Healthcare System identify facility vulnerabilities and prioritize capital improvements.

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Two New England Organizations Create a Pathway for Intelligent Buildings

By LED Group | Jul 16, 2018

Utility incentives are used extensively to help lower costs and improve return on investment for LED lighting and control systems. Today, many organizations are taking advantage of utility incentives to implement these systems and also provide a pathway to add more smart building technologies. We recently shared two stories about a leading consumer goods manufacturer […]

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