High Performance Research Computing 2022 Trends and Insights Survey Launches
Leading Edge Design Group

Leading Edge Design Group (LEDG) is pleased to announce the launch of the High Performance Research Computing 2022 Trends and Insights Survey. LEDG created the survey to gather information for our customers, partners, and the industry to provide important information for organizations grappling with the increased demand for High Performance Computing (HPC) .

HPC is typically an enterprise-wide service that provides the advanced computational and data-driven capabilities needed for innovative and collaborative research activities often created by non-profit/government funded grants, for-profit competitive discovery processes, and other market growth initiatives. The survey is aimed to gather and share insights for designing, planning, and implementing scalable, adaptable, and efficient research computing data centers and infrastructure to support current and future HPC demands. LEDG will also be hosting a HPC Forum on September 14 to review the results with survey participants.

Since 2007, LEDG has worked with organizations to assess their HPC needs and implement strategies and mission-critical infrastructure for long-term success. We are proud to recognize many higher education and academic research organizations as our customers.

For questions or to participate in the the invitation-only survey and forum, please email Colin Buckley at The survey is open to HPC, IT, and Research leaders in Higher Education, Life Sciences, and Healthcare.

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