Significant change for H1 classification

three facts about data center evaluations and assessments

It's worth the time and investment to do a comprehensive evaluation

the importance of digital master planning

Learn more about defining a sense of place for your building project

Public cloud is eating profit MArgins

Actual spend on cloud services can exceed committed cloud spend by 100% or more

Smart Buildings and Communicating with Clarity

For occupants, transparency of building activities and status is key


For Smart Buildings, it starts during the design process

how builders can leverage technology to develop smart labs

Article by Todd Boucher and Jeff Talka in Lab Manager magazine

systems integration in the built environment

An LEDG Industry Brief

Moving smart buildings from utility to significance

The design framework needs to change

how smart buildings create agency in the workplace

Personalization, flexibility, feedback, and reporting

Smart Building Digital Strategy Leads to Frictionless Experience

The day and life of a potential frictionless office worker

Microsoft's Smart Building Program for Building Owners

Approach in five streams

Enterprise Data Centers – And The Risk of “Cloud First”

80% of IT Environments are Running in Enterprise Data Centers

Telecommunication Rooms in Hybrid Learning Models

Preparing for another coronavirus outbreak

Healthcare System Plans for a Resilient Future

Adapting its facilities an grounds with a focus on prioritized risks

What Building Owners Can Learn from Disney

No one demonstrates value of the occupant experience better

The Amazon Effect on Facility Management

Personalization in the built environment

Building Connectivity – What You Need to Know

Focus on cellular and WiFi connectivity

THE World’s First Smart Building Assessment and Rating

The SPIRE Smart Building Program

Smart Building Mistakes

Don’t forget the integration of technology, systems, and infrastructure

Creating Smarter Buildings Requires System Thinking

Put linear thinking aside in order to truly integrate the built environment

The Five Types of Data Analytics for Smart Buildings

What to expect for available data and how to use it

Automated vs. Autonomous analytics

There are differences you need to know

The Edge is Critical to Success

Understand where compute is taking place

Future of the Data Center & Intelligent Placement of Workloads

IoT and connected environments requires careful planning

NVIDIA & Gaming Highlight the Importance of Edge Computing

It’s critical to have computing and processing close to the user

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