The Leading Edge Design Group (LEDG) Program Management Office (PMO) specializes in successfully delivering strategic technology projects, especially within resource-constrained organizations and for teams collaborating with external resources. Our team, consisting of seasoned technology leaders, advisors, and consultants, brings a wealth of expertise across diverse industries.

With an unbiased approach, our team ensures the effective management of full lifecycle technology projects, tailoring services to align with an organization's industry, size, and unique requirements. 



Project Management

Experience flawless project execution from inception to completion for your complex technology project. Our Project Management Office (PMO) Project Management services provide comprehensive guidance throughout the entire lifecycle, ensuring smooth transitions, optimal resource utilization, and successful project outcomes. You can elevate your organization's project management with our commitment to risk management, best practices, and organizational excellence. 


Owner Representation

LEDG provides unmatched advocacy for your projects and organizational initiatives.  Entrust your project's success to our Owner's Representation services, where expertise meets dedication. We go beyond safeguarding your interests – we champion them. With a commitment to excellence and a watchful eye on every detail, our team ensures that your project meets and exceeds expectations. Choose assurance; choose our expert representation for a seamless journey to success.


Staff Augmentation

LEDG works with you to enhance your project teams with our PMO Staff Augmentation services, bringing in highly skilled professionals to elevate your complex technology project to new heights. We specialize in fortifying your workforce with experts who seamlessly integrate into your projects, ensuring proficiency, agility, and success. Unlock the full potential of your team with strategic augmentation tailored to meet your project's unique needs.


Asset & Materials Management

Our PMO Asset and Materials Management service provides warehousing, seamless tracking of inventory, and delivery across diverse locations. Stay in command with a comprehensive system that ensures accurate monitoring and efficient handling of assets. From meticulous inventory management to timely deliveries, trust us to streamline your operations and optimize resource utilization, no matter where your projects take you.


Standards & Governance

LEDG's PMO Standards and Governance service is dedicated to establishing robust frameworks that elevate your projects to unparalleled heights. We specialize in creating and implementing comprehensive standards that ensure excellence at every stage. With a focus on governance that guarantees precision and efficiency, trust us to be the cornerstone of your project success. Choose a foundation of excellence with our PMO services backed by years of experience managing complex technology projects for global commercial organizations to small to medium-sized companies, and government entities. 

Trusted by Top US Organizations

Trusted by Top US Organizations

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Ole Miss
Vermont Health Network
Dartmouth Health
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