Benefits of Data Center Equipment Service Agreements
By Mary Flemming

Benefits of Data Center Equipment Service Agreements

In my client success role at Leading Edge Design Group (LEDG), I sometimes receive questions regarding the benefits of data center equipment maintenance annual contracts when it comes time for budgeting and renewals. Below are top considerations to review as you weigh the costs versus the peace-of-mind benefits.


  1. Mitigate Downtime Risk 
    Reduce the risk of costly, unplanned downtime by as much as 66% with exclusive access to preventative maintenance on-site visits and contracted* response time agreements.

  2. Lower Costs
    Committing to regular maintenance and equipment inspections lowers repair and replacement costs and extends equipment lifespan. Emergency technician visits, system downtime, and repairs will be more costly to your organization without an agreement.

  3. Improve Efficiency
    Regular checkups and performance reviews ensure the power supply connections, battery levels, and voltage outputs are optimized, and the proper operation of external components is assessed. This keeps your equipment running effectively and efficiently.

  4. Timely Software & Hardware Upgrades
    With a UPS maintenance contract, you can access the latest software and hardware updates as soon as they become available so that systems remain up-to-date and secure against potential cyber threats or outages.

  5. Professional Guidance

    Together with your equipment provider, such as Leading Edge Design Group (LEDG), the equipment manufacturer technicians serve as advisors throughout the equipment’s life span, helping you maximize your investments.

*Different levels of service agreements may or may not include annual site visits.


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